Sunday, May 9, 2010

Parenthood Poem by Lynn Moyle

During the sleepless nights,

And the endless teen year fights,

The joys of parenthood seem so elusive.

Are we being too hard? Are we being fair?

Who knew it could hurt so much to care?

Other parents make it look so easy.

You don’t notice it until you look to the past,

That it’s the small moments that are made to last.

Nothing in this lifetime will ever be this special.

It’s that small hand in yours, the “look-at-me’s’,

Bedtime stories, and scuffed up knees.

Are we there yet?

It’s about letters to Santa Claus and toothless grins,

And knowing when to teach them that not everybody wins.

What’s for dinner?

The first day of school, making friends,

Co-ed parties, and following the trends.

Can I borrow the car?

Graduations, college expenses,

Engagement rings, and wedding dresses.

The road may be long, but time passes quickly.

In the trying times that are bound to lie ahead,

Remember this poem and keep a cool head.

Because no matter what your kids say or do, eventually they will admit that they love you too.

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