Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Gentleman's Honor by Stephanie Laurens

This is the second book in Stephanie Lauren's Bastion Club series. Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington, who rated a brief mention in Captain Jack's Woman, finds himself falling for a widow who has been accused of murder. He believes in her innocence, but it quickly becomes clear that the real killer is attempting to frame her for the crime. What Anthony does not realize, is that the widow, Mrs. Alicia Carrington, has never been married and was being blackmailed by the victim. By pretending to be a widow, Alicia can sponsor her younger sister, Adriana, in her debut with the ton. Their hope is that Adriana will make a good match and keep their financially strapped family afloat. Can she trust Anthony with her secret and her heart?

I have a lot of problems with this author's writing style, the book's too long, the frequent use of semi-colons, and a limited vocabulary. If I never see the word 'wits' used in a sentence again, it will be too soon. The things I do like about the Bastion Club series so far are the characters and the stories. That is why I'm determined to finish this series... eventually.

BEST FEATURE: The fake widow. Way to scam the ton, Alicia!

WORST FEATURE: The writing style, again. It made a chore out of an otherwise good book.

PARENTAL WARNING: minor violence, but sexual content explicit enough to be considered adult only.

RATING: 3, it may be 100 pages too long, but it's still a good story.


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